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a few questions..

..if you will?

1. Have you ever even played Halo? The Banshee isn't a feature in MP.. at all! But If you just added it because, you, like many others would want it to be a feature in MP, well then.. then you are excused.. Btw, it will be, in Halo 2
2. Please draw MC better, just to give him justice.. ok?
3. Other than that..

Original-SHM responds:

this is halo on pc


love the style
but not enough gory
it made me smile
but where's the story?


..but i slideshow isn't what newgrounds is about.. have the friend of ours to create a website instead..

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Oh your god..

This is by far the funniest, kewl-est game.. ever.. And the humor is astonoching (who cares how you're supposed to spell that word).. The best part has got to be when I accidently portaled myself the second island and met CElion himself, great thinking to put yourself in the game, but why did you have to make it so I have to assrape you to get The UberSword of Willy Wanka'h?!.. Even though it's by far the best weapon in the whole game, it's definetly NOT worth watching.. well basically gay-porn... dude, clearly that was never meant to be seen by anyones eyes. But then again, the humor in it quite mind-blowing.. much like the other kind of blowing I was tricked into watching.. And also, to anyone else playing this game, do NOT, I repeat.. do NOT go into the backroom in Stromglades Tavern. Unless of course you find it funny to be strapped from all your armour only to have a fat guy in lamellar clothing wipping you with a mace.. sure the xp is good, but again, so NOT worth it.. oh, and by the way.. if you decide to make an actual game.. do let me know.. and I'll be sure to BLAM it harder than anyone's ever BLAM-ed anything before.. LOL.. just kidding..

Enjoy your mentstat while it lasts and hopefully the bats won't catch you jerking off again..

Over n' out..

(Wasted 6,35 minutes of my life writing this.. LOL..)


overall great game.. but in regards to all the people complaining about the loading not working.. I just rightclicked it and pressed "play".. workt fine


not that interresting.. but yet makes u try it a few times.. Btw.. I got 7,12 so it's not that hard.

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I not really one for commenting, but I had to make an exception. This is breathtaking, haunting and oh how I love the sudden change at 01.15.
At first I got a bit wtf.. but instead of ruining the song it just made it go from "very good" to.. well.. breathtaking. Hopefully you won't mind that this is now my new ringtone when people call me.
5/5, no question about it.

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